On HackForums.net there are a lot of things you should be aware of, and one of those things is the fact that it’s totally overrun with skiddie noobs like Nightmare. There is a stigma against newcomers to the hacking community that people will belittle you for, and that’s the fact that you know nothing. There is nothing wrong with being a noob as long as you know you are and you still keep trying to move towards a goal of being a hacker or security researcher/pentester.

There was a post about a website “showcase”, here, ” Underwurld.net // New Small Community // Custom Theme // General Discussion”. I would never have touched upon this thread if someone hadn’t done it before me. I am constantly accused of bringing up old threads, “grave digging” it’s called. However, if you look at my rating I totally ripped the OP a new one. His site was down, it had no spam protection, the DNS was messed up, and I let him know with a 0 out of 10 rating.


If you look at the thread above mine, he was responsible for digging the thread up, and not me. So, I figured, I would rate it, since it’s a “showcase” thread.

grave digger on hackforums.net

The OP (owner of underwurld.net), “Nightmare“, scolded me for giving him a bad rating. Not only did he close his own thread but he added me to his ignore list.

So, just a word of advice for other people promoting their websites on HackForums, watch your threads and don’t let them die in such a way that people would “grave dig” the post. I can assure you that the website sucked, it wasn’t even archived by the Wayback Machine, meaning that it wasn’t even online long enough to be indexed.

“Nightmare” says it was bumped by a spam account. I imagine it’s probably his spam account. Although, the account he says is a spam account has awards, almost 800 posts, popularity points, etc, etc.

This user calls me out, closes his thread and adds me to his ignore list. This is the definition of a loser. He lost, he is not a hacker, he knows nothing about running a hacking website/forum. The worst parts is that people like this will not let it go and just continue to be moronic and look for any other post I have and be a douche.

Admin of underwurld.net Failing

And he’s still crying about it 10 days later.

Nightmare complaining on darkmodus.com